Fern Expo | Entrance Units

As your trade show services provider, we approach the relationship with the intention that we'll be partners for the long haul. If your event is young, we enjoy growing with you. We've done this many times before. If your event is established, we'll take it on with the same level of pride. If your event is growing, we're scalable and experienced in supporting event growth.

Our knowledge and experience provides for resourcefulness that greatly benefits you and your exhibitors. From managing the logistics and installation of complex machinery on the exhibit floor to creating a full-size basketball court inside of a convention center to providing green event solutions, when it comes to capabilities - whatever the market (in any market) - Fern is your team. Our technology resources and marketing solutions are available to help you plan effectively and take your event to new heights.

The same Fern team is assigned to your event year after year, so we take great care to match our people with your event needs and personnel. It's what ensures everyone involved that it will be a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship - leveraging the previous event's experience and insights and building upon them in subsequent years. As a result, there's an intersection of your team working with our team, as a partnership.

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